Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Tree Hunt

Our good friends invited us to go with them to cut down Christmas tress. I am normally opposed to cutting our own because I am a tree snob. The last time we cut one down it became the garage tree and I went and bought the perfect tree on a lot anyway.

We love our friends though so the chance to spend time together hiking in the snow was to good to pass up.

My beautiful daughter is a tree snob in training and said no to her fair share of picks this year. We finally found a absolutely beautiful tree in the worst location.

Jake was left to climb into the cluster of trees and chop it down.

As everyone was settling on their family tree our German Sheppards decided to get in a fight to the death. It was very random as they had been playing nice for hours up till that moment. Their female "Sara" growled at my male "Gator", and it was on. Thank goodness for David's cool head and mad dog skills. Gator had a death lock on Sara's neck and would not let go. Even after she submitted. He was set on killing her. David is a fit of super human strenght lifted both dogs over his head and body slammed Gator to the ground. After several more body slams and some serious domination Gator was David's new best friend. It was a tense moment to be sure and it will always be remembered around our Christmas tree.
*Note to self, up David's "street cred"*

When we finally got the trees down, hauled out and back to the house we realized how huge it really was! We had to cut it in half! I have to admit though it was the best tree we ever had. If not for the tree itself, for the memory of the hunt.

This is Mr. Dominant as soon as we walked in the door. his masculinity in question he opted for some cuddle time.


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