Thursday, December 15, 2011

Family Visit

Christmas felt a little empty this year with Rob on the road and so many changes on the horizon. When I heard that my grandparents were in Sacramento visiting my aunt Susan I tossed the kids in the car and went over the hill to impose on their visit. I am so glad I did. A dose of family is just what I needed. My Aunt Susan has been a wonderful support to me over the years and it always feels better when she is there.

The kids got a chance to reconnect with their cousin. There really is nothing like cousins. They are great. Best playmates ever. I was lucky growing up to have a huge extended family with a ton of cousins to play with all the time. They were my best friends. My kids live far from family so cousins are a special treat. It makes even more special to just gt to spend time together.

The kids even had a chance to play trains with Papa which is always a special treat. It is hard living far from my loved ones and I miss them all so much. I am so blessed I got this little visit. It will hold me over till next summer and camping!


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