Saturday, December 17, 2011

Reno Children's Museum

My prayers have been answered Reno has a children's museum. Wait, it gets better, the family membership is $85. and for once in my life with a big family that covers all of the kids in your household! I was ecstatic!

The Da Vinci Corner has a clear canvas and arts and crafts area. Ava shut the place down and talked the assistants out of extra supplies to take home so she could keep crafting.

The Under The Stars exhibit is like camping outdoors at night. There are tents, gear and wildlife to touch and explore.
You can go fishing and dance in a digital stream too!
Playing in the 80 foot long model of the Truckee River is a huge hit.

So was climbing in the clouds although it gave me claustrophobia.

The Nevada Stories exhibit was interesting too with a ton of information and hands on learning about mining, the railroad and local Indian culture.

There is a lot more to see so we will be going again and again with my membership. The kids had a ball and the environment was clean and relaxing.


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