Monday, August 1, 2011

Seattle Children's Museum

While we were in Seattle we visited the Children's Museum. We almost got turned away at the door because they have a weird policy of 4 children to an adult. Even teenagers count as children. Needless to say we were over the limit and they had to call all sorts of people to get a pass to let us in. We were told is was only allowed that one time because it was very slow and we would not be allowed to do it again. I was pretty put off and considered leaving but swallowed my pride and took the leap.

I am so glad I did because it was a pretty cool place. There was so much for little ones to do and explore and although it was a bit young for my older kids they had a ball too.
There was a Lego room where you could build just about anything and there were employees there to give the kids a helping hand.

A mini grocery store with shopping carts, isles, food and check out lines. We played here for quite awhile.

A stage with costumes, lights, curtains and seating. The kids invented a story and put on a play for me and the baby.

There was a construction store where you could build, a restaurant where you could be a customer or a chef. There was a trip around the world with houses and stores from different countries. There was a nature walk, a toddler area and our little artists favorite a real live studio!

We actually shut the place down and had not done it all. Once we got past the gestapo at the door, the employees were all very friendly and wonderful to the kids. I wish we had a place like this at home in Reno.


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