Monday, July 18, 2011

Turtle Bay

We were lucky enough to get to take a trip to Washington this summer. My Aunt and BFF was getting married. The drive is long, like 15 hours, So knowing I had all the little ones to entertain I planned a few stops.

Turtle bay is in Redding, CA. There are outdoor exhibits like the Paul Bunion Forest Camp and the walk through aviary with beautiful Lories.

They give you a cup of nectar and the birds land right on you. Ava was a magnet and had about 7 on her at one point.

There is also an indoor museum with interactive exhibits like underwater fish viewing, a tree situated on a glass floor so you can see the whole root system, and historic recreations of the Sacramento Valley.

While we visited they also has a visiting exhibit called Grossology. What can I say about Grossology? It was gross and the kids LOVED it! There were exhibits and games about boogers, gas, burping, there was a life sized operation game and the best part? A climbing area where you scaled the esophagus, traveled the digestive system and slid out the anus. I kid you not. I couldn't make this stuff up.
Owen is building a burp.
Shooting boogers
Jacob chasing Anna through the stomach and sliding out the anus!
As you got ready to leave there was one last stop. The identify the smell station! WOW! As you can see the kids were horrified. They were so traumatized they played with it for 15 minutes!


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