Friday, August 5, 2011

Seattle Science Center

While in Seattle we spent at lot of time at the Seattle Center. From all the awesome museums, to the live musicians to the fountain that is timed to music, we were awash in culture and did not want to leave. After our first amazing trip to the Children's Museum we knew we had to go back for the Pacific Science Center. They have a butterfly exhibit that I knew the girls would just tremble over. I am so glad we went because it was a great adventure.

Sarah was a trooper in her "boot". She broke her foot in three places right as summer started. She told me she tripped on the stairs but she later confessed she did a kamikaze dive off the balcony.

Bugs are always a boys favorite right? The bug exhibits were very interesting and had just enough of the "ick" factor to entertain the teenagers. The Butterflies were a huge hit as I expected. It is very warm and humid in the exhibit and there were a lot of rules to follow. Watch where you step and sit, butterflies are everywhere. No touching and if you are lucky enough to have a butterfly land on you, stand very still till it flies away. The girls were wishing with all their little hearts a butterfly would land on them but as hard as they wished the butterflies stayed just out of reach. Owen was a butterfly machine though and several landed on him. The first time he was thrilled but by the third time I think he was wishing they would go for the girls. Poor kid ended up standing stock still the whole time we were in there.

The Baby area was a big hit with the littlest ones. There were things to climb. Water tables to splash in. A music room to make lots of loud noise and a quiet area to read and relax. The Grandparents and I played with the little ones in there for a bit while the older group went off to explore the tide pools and other amazing exhibits.

After all that education who could resist playing in the fountain. It was built for the 1962 World's Fair. It is a wonder to be sure. Covered in spouts the water shoots in time with music playing through the park. After looking on in envy last time, we came prepared with our swim suits.


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