Sunday, January 3, 2010

A horse is a horse

A few weeks after moving to Fargo Farms, Rob informed me he did not feel like a "real" cowboy because he did not have a horse. I am not a huge fan of horses and wasn't all that enthusiastic about adding an animal into the rotation that brought no value, an was quite expensive to maintain. Well goodness sakes alive we couldn't have a horseless cowboy, so the search began.

JJ came to the farm from a rescue group. He was starved and neglected and about 400 pounds underweight. JJ is also an older horse so he had few prospects. We figured he would be a good fit here with a bunch of kids to love him and very light work load consisting of riding Rob around to check pastures and irrigation.

JJ was a sweetie for a month or two, until he had gained enough weight to start feeling like himself again. Every day he seemed to get feistier. Rob was insistent that he and JJ would work it out. They worked it out all right, take a look at JJ's idea of working it out.

Rob was taking JJ on a little ride, when JJ freaked out. JJ started running and Rob's cowboy hat flew off. Well anyone who knows anything about being a cowboy knows it is a cardinal sin to separate a cowboy and his hat. Rob had no choice but to stop and dismount to retrieve his hat. When Rob tried to get back in his saddle, JJ saw his opening. JJ started to sprint and buck with Rob not quite back in the saddle again. Rob held on as long as he could but he finally had to give up and let go. He was thrown about 15 feet from the look of the wreckage. I had just gotten home and the phone was ringing. Our neighbor had found a semi-conscious Rob laying in the horse trail and called me to come help. I sprinted the length of our 20 acres to find Rob in worsening condition. We called 911 and waited for the paramedics. Long story short (well kinda) Rob had broken his 1st rib, a very hard rib to break and a very dangerous one considering it runs next to an artery and often severs it when it breaks. He also broke his transverse process on his L4 and L5 vertebrae. Along with a contusion on his hip so deep they saw it on cat scan and a bunch of gnarly road rash his injuries added up to a lot of pain and a long road to recovery.

I tried to convince him that the glue factory was a good option for JJ at that point, but once he commits, it is forever!

At least I get a bit of revenge now and then


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