Thursday, September 8, 2011

Work Day

Fall is fast approaching and that means it is time to get the farm ready for a long winter. The chore list can be daunting. We have to shore up fences, build new shelters, cut and stack wood, clean and store tools for the season. It is a lot of work and a lot of fun.

The Fall animal routine is special. Fall is breeding time on the farm. Goats and sheep are seasonal breeders and usually only come into season in the fall. That being said, we did have a complete surprise this year. Our sheep had delivered twins and triplets in February. They should not have come into season again until October. Despite breeding science and a 5 month gestation period, they managed to pop another set of twins out in July, 3 weeks short of a full term gestation. The twins are robust and healthy. We are floored at the miracle but we will take it.

The sheep are out for fall breeding but still need the yearly work up. The goats are due to be bred, so decisions need to be made. Sarah's dairy goats need improvement if she wants to show the offspring. We order up a buck from a local breeder for her goats. We need a buck with good udder formation in his pedigree. My fainting goats are easier but we did have one pair I won't breed again, the baby was not as quality as I like. In preparation for mating we trim hooves, vaccinate, worm and fix fences. Bad fences are a farmers nightmare when bucks go into rut!

Jacob preformed his annual acrobatics while catching the goats and ended up covered in goat berries!

Anna was very interested and wanted to do the shots herself.

Dixie was also very interested, in eating everyone else's share of grain.

Jacob and Sarah handled the shots and wormer.

Sarah, Wyatt and I went out to shore up the fences.

The T-post driver weighs 50 lbs.

I am super woman!

After all the T-posts are finished I am off to find all the little rascals that disappeared during the hard work.

Riding BIKES?


But who could be mad? Look at that face!